...bila hati berbicara

" ..pabila kamar hati disapa..kalam berbunga indah..pabila kamar hati berbicara..dunia bertukar wajah.."

^0^ alhamdulillah for His blessing...syukur because He gave me love and care which I really hope to get it. Guess what?! Let it be secret 4 me...it is hard to say and write here...but i'm so happy...my big smile...:)) Just imagine "what you give, you get back"...is it true?

Mmm...yup..Insyaallah, but bare in mind that we have to be sincere in whatever we do. Sincerity comes from the bottom of your heart...This is what we call a "nature"...it is similar with give and take situation.

e.g : By giving love to other people, you will get the love back. Believe it or not?! Is it true? ( Loves that I mean here is loves among family members - husband and wife, sister and brother...) But it must be with full of sincerity and good intention... If we treat other people nicely, we also will be treated nicely. If we be honest to everyone, so...everyone will be honest to us!

"Keikhlasan hati seseorang insan hanya Allah yang Mengetahuinya"


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